Silence, Flow and Awe


The health and wellbeing of our planet and of us as individuals is a great challenge that can and should be viewed and adressed from many angles. The connections between our lifestyle, our society and the health of our planet are strong. Our work is similarly interconnected with a focus on silence, flow and awe.

Silence. Access to nature and relative silence is linked to health and well-being. In a quiet natural environment, we gather new strength and lower our stress levels. At the same time creativity and problem solving can be promoted. The green spaces with relative silence are also important for the overall health of the city and it’s wildlife/biodiversity. Within the concept “Guide to Silence”, we produce guidebooks/apps and develop methods for evaluating the silence in the green spaces of cities including conducting inventories.  Read more here.

Flow. To be completely absorbed in an activity, be it a good book, a task at the office or a run in the woods is the basis of flow. Flow makes us appreciate a task's intrinsic value. Flow is connected to joy, efficiency and performance. We are promoting flow through our experiments in three parts.  Read more here.

Awe. We can be in awe of human made things: the Golden Gate Bridge, the pyramids of Egypt etc. But we are here referring to being in awe of the beauty of nature.  Being in awe of the beauty of nature is awe of life itself and awe of something we can’t fully explain. Yes science can explain more and more and provide a lot of knowledge about why the mountains, the trees or the sea looks the way it looks. But the beauty and that feeling of awe in front of nature can’t be broken down and analyzed by science. Its about balance, interconnectedness and harmony. We need more often to be in awe and feel humility facing the beauty of our planet as well as all the unique creatures we share it with. This  is a prerequisite for being able to take care of our blue-green air bubble in space. Read more.

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